What is debriefing?

A time out from your everyday routine to intentionally process your past experience. A safe place to tell your story, evaluate what happened, express feelings both positive and also any disappointments and grievances and to gain an understanding of the re-entry process. All this is with the aim to grow emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally in order to be strengthened for the journey ahead.

Why debrief?
  • It helps to make sense of what happened

  • It provides a neutral space to talk about feeling and thoughts

  • It can help prevent deeper emotional issues developing

  • It normalises what you may experience in transition and re-entry

  • It brings closure and celebration to things of the past

  • It provides an atmosphere of affirmation by being listened to

  • To enable direction and positive movement into the future

  • To allow any areas of pain, loss and disappointment to be processed

Who would benefit from debriefing?
  • Cross-cultural workers. This includes singles, couples and families (see "Families" below)

  • If you are returning home for a period of time for home assignment 

  • Returning home permanently

  • Transferring to another assignment or organisation

  • Have been home for a period of time and find you are still struggling

  • Are experiencing distress due to any major trauma, disappointment or crisis  experienced within your ministry context


Short term missions teams.

This is usually done at the home church in an appropriate venue and can be a half or full day debriefing. It encaptulates an interactive group time of processing combined with individual reflection time and creative forms of expression. A fun time that enables all to participate, young and more mature but also helps those who may want to pursue further missions options. Each team member receives a re-entry booklet at the end of the debrief.



Children have similar needs as their parents do when making a major transistion. They need to;

  •  Feel heard and have a safe place to voice their feelings

  • To be affirmed and cared for throughout the transition process

  • To have age appropriate activities to aid expression and understanding

  • To understand what it means to be a Third Culture Kid (TCK)

  • To access resources to help with this understanding


The debriefing format for families will naturally differ from the format for singles and couples. Where possible it is best for the parents to have their own debriefing first and then a second debriefing with the children. However where parents and children are debriefed together the format will depend largely on the age of the children. The debriefing will mainly be at the level of the children's understanding with some time for individual sessions. Teenagers will need some time to be debriefed separately from their parents. Differring combinations in the format can be discussed to suit your family's needs.



For 4 and a half days. Food and accommodation not included. Options can be discussed upon application.

  • Singles $400

  • Couples $500

  • Families $600