"Sue has helped us in terms of giving our marriage a 'tune up', bringing us back on track in intimacy at every level, particularly communication with one another"   - M

"Susan has helped me to really understand why and how I react to the challenges that I face in life. Her care and warmth inspire trust and confidence. Her adaptability and creative use of a variety of tools has meant that I have developed and moved forward on my journey. I am grateful for the professional support Susan offers and highly recommend her services"  - M

"Susan has helped me work out how I am really feeling through using a variety of techniques. She has a professional, relaxed approach that is easy to relate to. With her help, I have worked through some difficult situations, and she has taught me to use my head and my heart in thinking about my relationships."    - A

"I was able to work through issues at my own pace. Sue uses a variety of great activities and strategies to help unjumble the chatter in my head. It feels like someone is walking beside me on the path helping clear the debris, so I can see the way ahead."    - S